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It was interesting in the "Korea Times" story to note the names of the two
Cia Cia students who visited Korea: Fidriana and Samsir. Aren't those names
self-defeating manifestations of precisely how 'han'gul' is NOT suited to
their language, assuming that the Cia Cia will use the same letter values
and orthography now in use? And exactly how is Cia Cia pronounced and
written in 'hangul'?

Will Pore

On Sat, Dec 26, 2009 at 6:19 AM, Kwang On Yoo <lovehankook at gmail.com> wrote:

>  Dear Mr. Rank,
> This link is about the Korean teacher for Cia-Cia:
> http://blog.naver.com/bonjourhana?Redirect=Log&logNo=150073787579
> Thanks,
> Kwang-On Yoo
> On Fri, Dec 25, 2009 at 1:15 PM, Michael Rank <rank at mailbox.co.uk> wrote:
>> There's more below about the strange story of the Indonesian tribe [if
>> that's the right word...] who have been persuaded to use Hangeul for their
>> written language. It's all down to a retired South Korean real estate agent
>> who has unsuccessfully tried to convince Thai, Nepalese, etc peoples of the
>> merits of Hangeul...
>> http://languagelog.ldc.upenn.edu/nll/?p=1993
>> Hope you are having a merry one.
>> Michael Rank

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