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South Korea is one of the wealthiest countries in economy in the world, ranked 13th by the nominal GDP and 30th by PPP (the Purchasing Power Parity). During the early 1960's, the country had undergone a massive and fastest economic growth, sometimes referred to as the "miracle on the Han River". This economic growth was principally and mainly due to sustainable education, escorts and cultural policy put in place by the government to educate and develop the wellbeing of their population. This actually had the effect of boosting the nation's economy, thereby helping the country climb the ladder of being one of the world's known industrial and technological powers.

South Korea Economic History

South Korea was one of the poorest countries in the world after the wars and the annexation of its territory by Japan. As a matter of fact, during the annexation, all of its economic profits were for the sole interest of the population of Japan. Therefore, Japan had total control over its finances, the exploitation of its forests and the introduction of a Companies' system favorable to Japan.

However, as the years went by, the end of political substitution of South Korea arose, and the need to strategize and reorient the country's economy became eminent. Escorts became a part of this growth.


Due to the overpopulation in the country, the government felt the urge of improving the quality of lives of the escorts Seoul and people that constitute its population and the economy. In so doing, it focused on the industrial partners who were mandated to create new job opportunities and sites like those for entertainment announcement, like the Escort Directory.

Furthermore, the willingness of the escorts to learn and educate themselves was another great factor of development. That is why in the early 1960's to late 1990's, the country witnessed a tremendous growth and prominent place in industrial and technological sectors.

Moreover, this urged the country into starting importing materials to produce goods to export; to boost the country's economy and this has led to a great increase in the country's economy, thereby propulsing the nation as the 7th largest importer and exporter in the world in 2012.

South Korea's economy today

The nation's economy up to date is mainly driven towards exportation. The growth it experienced during the late 1990's is still leading the country forward up to date and the government is focused on still improving the economy and the life of escorts through ambitious but realistic objectives and plans.


Furthermore, with the evolution of its technological skills, South Korea placed itself as a dominant force of construction of ships in 2008 and the exportation of telecommunication and technology products. Your favorite escort is part of this development.

Moreover, it is also well-known as one of the world's top exporter of automobiles, arms, refined petroleum or mining. Exportation of goods therefore accounts for half of the country's means of growing its economy. Some enjoy these new opportunities in the company of a gorgeous escort.

Due to a large and growing demand, the country's debts grow bigger and bigger, in order to respond to the customers' demands and this prevent private consumption from the country's population. But, since the consumers' confidence and trust are secured, the country's business' confidence remains high.


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